Thursday, October 30, 2014

[MUST READ] SHAME!!! How immigration officers collect bribe at airports

 Travelling out of Nigeria presents another layer of experience of how corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of agencies responsible for facilitating air travel at our nation’s international borders. This time, my encounter with the officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service and sundry agencies at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos last week was a harrowing experience. I saw the brazen manner at which they coerce, solicit, persuade and even harass Nigerian and foreign travellers and visitors to part with money or other valuables. It is sickening and saddening to see immigration officers shamelessly solicit for bribes without respect for their uniform. What is happening at our international airports is a national disgrace.

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PHOTO: Woman kills man for trying to rape her in Lekki

The suspected rapist
While trying to defend herself from being raped recently,  a 22-year-old woman, Ifeoma Okechukwu killed a suspected rapist in Atlantic View Estate, Alpha Beach Road, Lekki.
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Remembering the Aluu 4 exactly two years after


This month made it exactly two years since four young men were viciously murdered in Aluu, a community in Rivers state. The young men were reportedly students at the University of Port Harcourt.
Reports say the youths were thought to have stolen something or were cultists. So a mob attacked them on a street, stripped them naked, battered them with heavy sticks and then burned them to death while dozens of spectators cheered on.
Pictures and videos of the murder quickly spread through social media and the public reaction was intense rage. People were very appalled by the horror.

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[PHOTO] BIZARRE!!! 30yr-Old boy beheads his mother and kicks head across street

A son beheaded his mum and kicked her head across a busy street before killing himself by jumping in front of a train, police believe.
The body of a woman in her 60s was....

#EBOLA: Panic at Murtala Mohammed International Airport as Ebola victim arrives Nigeria from Sierra Leone

There was panic yesterday at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, MMIA, Lagos as a Nigerian, who had already been cured of Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone arrived aboard Royal Air Maroc.

The ebola victim, Mr. Theophilus Onnakhinon, was flown from Sierra Leone by the airline while his younger brother, Mr. Chinedu Eroka was said to have....

[PHOTO] SAD: Health of the 4-yr old boy Omonigho Abraham attacked by dogs worsens

It appears the condition of four-year-old Omonigho Abraham, who was attacked by two dogs in the Igando area of Lagos State about a month ago, has worsened in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja where he is currently receiving treatment.
According to source, it was learnt from his father, Odia, that Omonigho’s scalp which was torn off by the German shepherd dogs during the gruesome attack, had not healed and had been giving off an offensive odour. He said this had given the family serious concern.

He said, “My boy still complains of pains in different parts of his body. Also, when they open the bandage on his head, you will see that there is no much difference. It’s still like the first time the incident happened.
“In fact, for up to two weeks no consultant or doctor attended to him, and his head started smelling.
“We have been told he may still have to be admitted for six months or up to one year, for the doctors to do a skin-grafting surgery on his open skull. They will cut skin from parts of his body, to cover up the skull.”
He added that he had also continued to foot the bills of the boy, despite the instruction of the state government to the hospital management not to collect any money for his expenses.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[VIDEO] THE DISPLACED- A Documentary About Nigerians Turned Into Refugees Inside Their Country By Boko Haram

This documentary tells the horror stories of Nigerians displaced from their homes in the  northeastern parts of the country as Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, attacks villages, towns and cities.
 The victims of the impunity of the deadly sect and the apparent inability of the Nigerian state to protect its citizens are these hapless and helps citizens.
Produced by Aminu Ahmed and Nori Mathias, the documentary has only attempted to tell the story of internally displaced persons in one state (Adamawa State) of Nigeria


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[MUST READ] Birth defects are real, pregnant moms beware

Probably because of the economic situation, many pregnant women neglect to go to the hospital for antenatal checkups through which the physician can monitor the progress of their pregnancy and prescribe standard medical advice where necessary.
In some instances, some pregnant women simply find solace in substandard hospitals manned by ill-trained personnel, while some make do with traditional birth attendants in their communities, the majority of whom are known to be unable to handle any emergency.
Experts warn that when pregnant women don’t attend antenatal clinics in standard medical facilities, they don’t only risk complications during delivery, but their unborn babies risk being born with certain abnormalities that might have been prevented or, at least, minimised if the doctor had seen such while the baby is still in the womb.

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VIDEO: Two Senegal Kids beaten at New York school Over Ebola fear

In this Video, Ousmane Drame tells CNN's Brooke Baldwin his two sons were attacked and bullied because of a fear of Ebola.

The boys’ father Ousmane Drame told CNN Newsroom Tuesday that on Friday, a group of students attacked two of their peers at I.S. 318 in the Bronx while yelling “Ebola” at the brothers who had recently returned from Senegal.
Mr Ousmane Drame added that his sons felt so upset by their experience that they want to go back to Africa.

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[PHOTO] MURDER SO CRUEL: Agony in Bauchi as gunmen snuff life out of nursing mother

Late Mrs Lawrencia Leonard Onunkwo
“This is the first time that I will hear this kind of thing in my life. Why wouldn’t the killers show mercy to a nursing mother? Why?” screamed the middle-aged woman, her face a picture of sheer sorrow.
“The innocence of this two month-old child will expose those who killed his mother. They will be arrested,” another woman sobbed.
The two were among the hundreds of sympathisers that had gathered to mourn the brutal killing of Mrs Lawrencia Leonard Onunkwo, a Bauchi-based businesswoman.

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